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aCTF3 - Rules

We're not a big fan of rules and restrictions (imagine that), but on the other hand we can't tolorate people being asshats and ruining what would otherwise be a fun game. So we have one rule (and may add more if needed):

  • 1.) Do not attack any machines which are used for running the contest. This would include the scorekeeper, the video box and at least one machine which will be used for admin purposes. The IPs of these machines will be released at con, just before the network goes live.

First violations will result in us pulling the plug and it's game over for you. We have no mercy and don't care how upset you get or how unfair you claim we are being. If you can't keep the game fun then you won't play. That's the beauty of a hardline. Besides it WILL simply be easier to go after the victims themselves, so just leave us alone to run the game :P.

Now, we know there will be questions about these rules, so we'll try to head some of them off here.

  • Attacking each other - It won't score you any points, but we're not going to stop you. If you piss off too many people we'll determine that you're an ass hat and one way or another, it'll stop.
  • Spoofing - just keep in mind our rule (spoofing packets to one of our computers will be considered a hostile act).
  • Bruteforce - If our scorekeep can't get information from the service, our system admin might get off his ass and do something about it. Pestering him might make him move faster, or maybe it'll do the opposite out of spite. You know how sysadmins are...

Generally speaking, the goal should be to have fun, not to be a nightmare for your opponents. We started aCTF so people could learn and sharpen their skills; many many hours were spent designing, coding, and configuing all this equipment. We paid for the prizes out of our own pockets, and gathered up the equipment with no help from any sponsors. Bottom line: have some respect, and a lot of fun.

If you have any questions email me at: adam ax dc949 d0t org

Description Registration View Registrated Teams Rules README Final Scores