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aCTF3 - "King of the Hill"

Update: July 4th - I sent out an e-mail with some details about what to bring and whatnot. Sucks for panicman that his mail server bounced with an "access denied" message. If you didn't get the message, let me know adam ax ${this domain}. On a side note, some of the e-mail addresses which are registered have great domain names!

This year we're going to let people in on a few more details on what our contest is going to be all about. Last year it was pretty vague until people got to con. While we expect everything here to be accurate, keep in mind that some things are subject to change (i.e. one of our boxes blows up and we can't replace it in time for con).

The contest went quite well last year and lots of people had fun, so we're going to keep much of the contest the same. This year we're going to have 5 victims, each with it's own theme. We're working on adding a 6th victim, but that depends on funds (which we don't have right now). If we can raise the money, we have an idea for a really cool device that we'll put online.

One change this year is that these services will get more difficult as time goes on. Another change is that we're adding a "system admin" whom you might want to avoid. He'll be bouncing boxes when they go down, waiting for monitors to alert him that something is wrong (or phone calls from pissed off users), etc. Being that this contest isn't for the most elite hackers on the planet, we'll make sure our admin is a bit of a noob. But he'll still be happy to unplug asshats.

So that's the general setup. As I said, things may change slightly, and we're open to suggestions. We'll get the rules up in a little bit, and registration is on our TODO list as well. For now, just hang tight. To hold you over, here's something you may find interesting:

You can hack them from a box.
You can pick them like a lock.
You can play them like a game.
You can make them know your name.
You can get owned by a virus,
That will revert you back to papyrus.
Sometimes you'll be local,
Sometimes you'll be remote,
Sometimes you'll be confused,
And other times you'll be looking at a goat.
You can get what you give.
You can give what you get.
This is aCTF three.
Have you given up yet?
Description Registration View Registrated Teams Rules README Final Scores