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Open Capture The Flag IV

Formerly known as Amateur Capture The Flag (aCTF), this contest pits
any Defcon attendee against the house (DC949) as well as other
contestants. There are a series of challenges of varying difficulty
involving a variety of things, including cryptology, steganography,
malicious software, and websites (and other services) just waiting to
be exploited.

Last year, DC949 reminded all the contestants why they shouldn't
install software from untrusted sources; this year we expect more
lessons will be learned the hard way. Is your software safe? What
about your hardware?

This contest is open to everyone, including novice hackers, and
is designed to challenge a range of skills and provoke logical
thinking. Each team will get one ethernet port (and we'll do our best
to provide as much cat5 as we can afford). Donations are accepted
(paypal icon on the right). It'll take place Friday and Sat from
10:00 - 22:00 (subject to change) in the contest room.
Registration is not strictly required, but it'll help us plan things,
and those who register will be rewarded.