Were back! As some of you may or may not remember, last year at defcon XIII we attempted to run a little "amateur" capture the flag contest, aka "King of the Hill". The short story is it didn't go so hot. Some people were able to access the contest immediately while some tried all day and never got on. We did have quite a fiew success though. We were quite suprized at the sheer amount of participation in a contest that we realy didn't advertise a lot. Also even with the technical problems, we got a lot of positive feed back as well as quite a bit of encouragment to come back the following year. And of course, we had a LOT of fun :P. Amongst a host of other problems the point is, after con, we (the group) had a meeting to figure out whether or not we should retun and atempt this again at Defcon XIV and decided that if we intended to keep doing the contest it was time to put up or shut up. Well we decided to grind some teeth this year and make it happen so here we go!

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