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Stiltwalker release
The time has come to reveal Codename Stiltwalker.

Stiltwalker is a proof of concept tool that defeats Google's reCAPTCHA with an insanely high accuracy (99%).
We are releasing all of our research, code, tools and examples used in the reCAPTCHA domination.
You can start that process here.

We accomplished this with a combination of Machine Learning, hashing methods, keyspace reduction tactics, and taking advantage of an overall limited number of captchas. Specifically, Stiltwalker goes head to head against reCAPTCHA'S audio captcha system and defeats all but a sliver of it's challenges.

In addition to the code release above, a video of our talk at this years LayerOne conference will be posted later. Detailed within will be the concepts and methodologies used in Stiltwalker, fully explained.

For all questions, comments, and fuckyous, please email the team at


In the hours before our presentation, Google pushed a new version of reCAPTCHA. Which fully nerfs our attack.

Well Played. The Game is on.

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